About Desert Cooler

Desert Cooler is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain first grown in the United States. This strain takes its name from a promotional flavor of Hi-C first released in the 80’s to coincide with Ghostbusters TV shows and movies. If you were a kid during those releases, odds are you begged your parents to pick up a bottle of Desert Cooler just because of its cool name and color. The strain is similar in that regard, because you’ll want to pick up some of this bud based off of its bag appeal and wonderful effects. Desert Cooler was first created by a mysterious, US-based cannabis company known as Seeds of Compassion. In order to create Desert Cooler, these breeders crossed California Orange with Gorilla Biscuit. This strain is best consumed during the daytime, as you’ll want plenty of time to experience the heady effects of this beast without stressing about being too high to fall asleep.

Despite this bud’s Sativa-dominance, it is very similar in structure to Indica-dominant hybrids. These buds are often incredibly dense grape-shaped nuggets which often take on neon and mint hues. These buds are jam-packed with a blanket of golden-amber trichomes and enough orange hairs to make your fur coat jealous. If your budtender is up-to-snuff, they’ll sell you instantly on this bud by letting you get a whiff of its wonderful aroma. You’ll fall in love with its lemon and citrus body with hints of grass and diesel in the aroma. The flavor is very different, with a citrus and pine flavor that is accented by sharp diesel chemicals on the exhale.

Desert Cooler’s effects are quite powerful despite its average THC concentration of 17%. Thankfully, this mid-level THC concentration often puts it in a lower price bracket in many dispensaries, which makes Desert Cooler an excellent bang-for-your-buck strain. The high from this strain will lift you off your feet and send your psyche through the stratosphere. As the effects of this flower work tirelessly to improve your mood, bolster creativity, and have you feeling absolutely euphoric, your physical aches and pains will almost instantly disappear. The slight bit of Indica genetics in this bud will provide enough physical relief that you’ll be able to enjoy the full effects of this powerhouse strain. Many report that Desert Cooler is their go-to strain for boosting creativity while also providing clarity and focus that allows for many to accomplish task after task without rest. Desert Cooler is often chosen to treat symptoms of chronic stress, chronic pain, depression, migraines, and lack of appetite

Common Usage


A Loss of Appetite4/10




Typical Effects





THC Content

Highest Test20%

Strain Average17.5%

Sativa Average13.5%

Wikileaf Average18%

Wikileaf Highest35%

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